Our People

CERN Fire Brigade in Berlin!

Promotion of the CERN Fire Brigade at the Berlin Firefighter Stair Run

Meet Chiara, a Communication and Fundraising Officer at the CERN & Society Foundation

Working at CERN is incredible. I appreciate the multicultural and easy-going environment. Despite being surrounded by Nobel Prize winners and high-level scientists, it remains open and inclusive.

Meet Weronika, a Data Engineering graduate from the Gdansk University of Technology

Working at CERN means continuous learning, not just about technologies and physics-related topics but much more. It equates to values like equality, openness, and the full usage of one's potential.

Learn the journey from Jack, a British A-level graduate into CERN!

I always wanted to work with people, and in an international environment, and CERN is exactly that! The people I work with and meet on a day-to-day basis are incredibly fascinating, and I have learned so much already, about HR, Physics, Engineering ...

Meet Anton, a Data Science PhD student at CERN!

I first encountered CERN during my university studies, like most Swedish students, I did not even know that CERN offered student programmes.

Meet Marco, a Mechatronics Technician from Italy, taking part at CERN!

I suggest everyone to give yourself a chance, believe in you. You'll never know if you never try.

Meet Valentina Dzjumane, a Computer Scientist and Finance university student, from Latvia!

"Besides the opportunity to collaborate on interesting scientific, technical and engineering problems, there’s also constant opportunities for self-expression, further education and meeting very interesting and unique people."